Thursday, September 24, 2009

Distributing School Spirit Coffee

School Spirit Coffee products are delivered to our customers by flavor and coffee type, not by individual sellers. Because our coffees are fresh roasted prior to your delivery plus we don't feel it is enviromentally wise to ship 200 boxes, I don't expect that we will ever ship otherwise. Don't be overwhelmed though, I spent this morning at a local school sorting and distributing 1,500 lbs of coffee products. With three volunteers we were done in two hours! Here is how to make it work well for you.
First, sort the coffee by type and flavor and line up in the exact order of the order form. Your first item will be Breakfast Blend Ground and the last item is Mocha Jo. Don't put the Breaksfast Blend Whole Bean by the Breakfast Blend Ground, that confuses the volunteers. Breakfast Blend Whole bean will be after Variety Pak, just like the order form. Inventory the product numbers against the Packing Slips.
Before you start the second step I recommend a very handy tool you can create - cheap and quick. Take a letter size envelope and using a paper cutter (what school doesn't have a paper cutter) slice 1/4 inch off the top and the bottom of the envelope, eliminating the flap and the sealed bottom. Now divide the remaining envelope in half creating two long strips that will slide perfectly over an order form. This is your guide. Make one for every volunteer.
Second, slide the handy tool over the first student's order form and line it up with Breakfast Blend Ground. Move across the order form with your handy tool until you have filled that person's order. Repeat this step for each order form.
Third, pass out the boxes, bags or whatever you packaged the orders in. You're done!
Now wasn't that easy!
Your room will smell amazing while you are sorting and filling the orders. Enjoy!