Thursday, April 11, 2013

Future Business Leaders of America

Monday and Tuesday of this week I exhibited at the KY State Conference for Future Business Leaders of America in Louisville.  What an amazing group of young students who are focused and competitive.  The winners at the State level will compete in Anaheim this summer and obviously need funds to get there.
My vendor neighbor to the left was an accessory merchant - selling product, not fundraising.
My vendor neighbor to the right was Frosty Fruit, a new company to me but not actually a new company.  They provide a slushy machine at no expense to you as long as you buy their products.  The profit you earn is by selling a variety of all natural flavored slushies on campus during school hours, lunch time primarily.  I heard there sales pitch so many times that I can actually give you all the information (and did a few times when they were away from their table), but instead just check out their website.  The representative were very professional and personable.  If you have the need, and the manpower, to run a school business I give them 4 Stars.
Of course it goes without saying that in addition to a product sale with School Spirit Coffee you might consider a coffee shop on campus - there again you will need a business plan and manpower.  Each pound of School Spirit Coffee brews 90 - 100 cups of coffee.  If you sell a cup of coffee for $1.00 your profit on a $7.00 investment will be $83.00 minimum.  That's $415.00 per week.
In addition to promoting School Spirit Coffee and meeting new vendors I was pleasantly surprised to see young ladies that dressed professionally, and by that I mean modestly.  Adorable dresses with sometimes awkwardly high heels.  No worries, they will grow into them!