Saturday, February 22, 2014

K Cups?

Happy 2014 - OK, it's February but I've been cold and busy!
School Spirit Coffee is currently evaluating the addition of K Cups to our line of fundraising products.  I would like your feedback - so read my evaluation and let me know if you would purchase a package of K Cups for a fundraising campaign.
Our samples arrived last week and I purchased Keurig brewer a few days later with my 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I am usually the person who shows up at a store with a coupon that expired yesterday (that's another personal blog), thankfully BB and Beyond's coupon never expire.
The company who can package our coffee in K Cups sent me samples in 5 different weights for us to evaluate the profile we prefer.  Taste testing began on 2-15-14! 
Until now, K Cups has been what I considered a fad, wasteful and nonsocial.  My answer has always been, "Do you have the adapter that allows you to brew any coffee?"  More comments on that also.  However, I still get the question, "do you have K Cups?".  Time to evaluate!
Evaluation began with learning how to set us and use the Keurig - not difficult, but I didn't see the water filter feature until I was half way through the testing.  At which point I inserted the feature, repeated a few of the samples and couldn't tell any difference.
The Keurig Machine came with two variety packs of coffee - Breakfast Blend, Donut Blend, French Roast and Italian Roast.  I started with brewing one of each, personally tasting and then pouring the sample into a wine glass for clarity evaluation.
Breakfast Blend - tasted like dirty water
Donut Blend - no aroma and very little flavor
French Roast - appealing aroma, stale taste
Italian Roast - most appealing aroma and flavor but a slight burned taste.
In addition, there was a Hazelnut sample that was not subtle at all.  Very Hazelnut and if you like that then OK.  Our Hazelnut produced by Creative Coffees Roastery is very subtle and fresh, didn't get the same feeling from this prepackaged Hazelnut.
All samples survived the test of going cold in a wine glass.  The coffees remained consistent and did not become cloudy, which tells me they were packaged fresh and stored correctly.
Next blog will describe the taste testing of our Signature Roast.  I welcome your comments concerning your K Cups experiences.